Roller Brake Tester

Roller Brake Tester

What does a roller brake tester test?

A RBT allows for testing the performance of the brake system of a vehicle under stationary and controlled conditions. It has the capacity to show brake force for each wheel, imbalance across all axles, test emergency brakes and parking brakes and display brake force over time. It can also show ovality and warping in disc brakes.

Correct brake testing allows the technician to calculate the performance of the brakes and diagnose faults in the braking system. This means that the technician can effectively and efficiently pin-point potential faults in the braking system which would otherwise go undetected.

Potential benefits of roller brake testing

  • Brake test is conducted in a static and safe manner (independent of weather conditions) without need of long test tracks.
  • Measurements are made on EACH wheel and therefore allowing for in-depth understanding - and diagnosis of problems.
  • Test results are consistent and repeatable due to the static and controlled test environment.
  • Comprehensive storing and reporting of the brake performance results of each vehicle.
  • Statistic analysing and presentation of fleet performance.
  • Reduced component wear/failure which brings reduced cost

Values Shown and Measured

  • Brake force on each wheel
  • Wheel bearing wear
  • Ovality / Disc run-out
  • Efficiency Graphical presentation of test results
  • Rolling resistance
  • Imbalance in %
  • Axle weight
  • A definitive result of Pass or Fail
  • Simultaneous reading of all key values

Common Questions Asked

Why should I get my brakes tested?

Getting your brakes tested helps reduce tyre wear, improved vehicle safety, provided auditable records and reduces brake related incidents and lowering your risk if liability.

How often should I get my brakes tested?

By law you have to test your brakes a minimum of once per year, however it is recommended to test more regularly to avoid costly downtime to your business.

What can happen if I don't test my brakes?

Your driver and the general public are at risk, and you as the owner are liable for any accidents, injuries or loss of life incurred due to brake related incidents.


Don't leave your brakes to chance, book them in to get tested today. It's quick and cost effective and could save you in the long run.

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