Freightliner Genuine Parts

You bought a Freightliner. Keep it a Freightliner.


Accept no compromise when it comes to maintaining, servicing and caring for your Freightliner truck.

Genuine Freightliner Parts are engineered for your truck and manufactured using the highest-quality materials. Imitation parts just can’t compete. Bunbury Trucks is your authorised Freightliner parts dealer in the South West. Only with Genuine Freightliner Parts will you get:


Genuine Freightliner Parts are made of the highest quality materials with specialised coatings/treatments to ensure optimal durability and performance.

Manufacturer Reliability

You can trust the quality, reliability and economy of Freightliner genuine parts to keep your truck running as efficiently and smoothly as it did the day it left the factory.

OEM Engineering

You bought a Freightliner. Keep it a Freightliner. You simply can’t beat the factory designed quality of Genuine Freightliner Parts.

Superior Fit and Finish

When it comes down to fit and finish, quality and lasting durability – those non-genuine parts simply cannot compete. Genuine Freightliner Parts are a perfect match for your original equipment.