Finance Solutions

Private Customer

Designed for individuals, with flexibility in mind

Finance as flexible as you need it to be, with features that allow you to:

Take ownership of vehicle at the start of the contract term
Build equity in your vehicle over the term of your choice
Structure your deposit, final balloon payment and term
Final balloon payment may be refinanced
Available with Agility Programme

Enjoy your vehicle

With your Guaranteed Future Value in place you can drive your vehicle out of the dealership with a confidence you’ve never experienced before.



Commercial Customer

A business solution when vehicle ownership is important

Asset-Hire Purchase is designed for business customers who ultimately want to own their vehicle at the conclusion of the contract term.


Ownership of the vehicle at the end of the contract term
Little or no deposit required
Optional final balloon payment to reduce monthly instalments
Flexibility to vary the contract term
Available for both new and used vehicles*
May offer tax benefits*
Available with Agility Programme


Agility Finance Programme

Step 1. Choose your vehicle

The first step in the Agility journey is the most exciting: choose your new van including options to suit your needs.

Step 2. Choose your Kilometers

You’ve chosen your new work vehicle, and now it’s time to personalise your Agility plan, starting with the kilometres you expect to drive each year.

Step 3. Choose your term

By aligning your terms and payments to when you anticipate upgrading, your Guaranteed Future Values can allow you to be behind the wheel of a new model with ease.